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A87 The Man Club wooden Comb

7.00 BD
A comb carved and etched from the most durable hard woods, Pecan. Our combs are carved from pecan wood, before

By Vilain Paddle Brush

6.50 BD
The Paddle Brush from By Vilain is a professional hair tool that will detangle all hair lengths while gently massaging the scalp

By Vilain XL Comb

6.50 BD
By Vilain XL Comb is a must-have for all men. It’s anti-static and keeps your hair detangled. A perfect solution for men with thick, mid-length to long hair.

PN Beard & Mustache Scissor

7.88 BD
Small, light and versatile to take on the finer detail, but also adaptable to take on your full beard. Whether

Vegan Friendly Beard Brush

8.50 BD
This vegan-friendly beard brush is the first of its kind. Made with oiled Austrian pearwood and tampico plant fibre bristles. 100%