Massari Hair oil

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زيت الشعر من مساري هو ما يستحقه شعرك، بمكوناته الغنية بزيت الأرغان العضوي المعصور من لوز شجر الأرغان في أغادير المغرب، سينقل مظهر شعرك إلى عالم آخر من الترطيب واللمعان الطبيعي الصحي، دون الإضرار ببشرتك أو شعرك مع حماية عالية من أضرار أشعة الشمس، وترويض لمظهر الشعر المتطاير
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Hair oil from Massari is what your hair deserves, being rich with the natural Argan oil that is taken from the natural organ tree all the way from Morroco, it will transform your hair to another level of a natural sun protection glance, without harming your skin or your hair with a sun protector and calming settled hair.
30 ml.
How to use Massari Argan oil on hair?

Put a few drops of the oil on the palm of your hand, rub gently and apply it to your dry scalp using your fingertips.

Benefits of Massari Argan Oil for Hair:
  1. Nourishes hair and reduces frizz
  2. Moisturizes hair while maintaining health of the scalp
  3. Reduces hair loss
  4. Protects from frequent styling damage and sun damage
  5. Assists in obtaining a healthy and natural shine


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